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July 23, 2019
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Title Such A Girl
Author Karen Siplin
Rating Green Light
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Review: Thirty-one year old Kendall Stark is pretty sure she has life figured out. She is proud of her New York life; living away from her parents for the first time, renting an apartment with one of her best friends, and making her own decisions on everything. Kendall also enjoys the perks of her job in being a hotel operator in an extravagant Manhattan hotel. She finds it entertaining to being able to listen in on celebrity phone calls and having fun with a married man that works at the Front Desk in the hotel. Life is pretty uncomplicated for her and that is just how Kendall wants it.

Her easy going life is about to change as Kendall arrives at work one day and discovers Jack Sulllivan, her former boyfriend, and only true love, is staying at her hotel. Kendall is determined to keep it cool, but her guilt of walking out on him nine years ago and his relentless pursuit to try to reconnect with her, soon cause her to rethink her lifestyle.

Jack had accomplished so much in the time they had broken up. He is the owner of Sullivan Brewery, owns a house in Maine, and is looking to expand his business. Kendall suddenly reflects back on her own life and it doesn't seem so happy. She has a hard time getting along with her coworkers, her new neighbors are making it impossible to enjoy her apartment, and her friends are saying they were wrong to persuade her to leave Jack back when they were a couple. What does Jack even want with her now?

Such A Girl by Karen Siplin will keep you reading until the end. It causes Kendall and the reader to rethink success, love, and the importance of true happiness.

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