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December 18, 2018
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Title My Little One
Author Nancy Machlis Rechtman
Rating Green Light
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Have you ever read a book where you related to and cared so much that you felt like you were actually a part of the main character's life? This wonderfully written book, My Little One, by Nancy Machlis Rechtman envelops you in a way that few books do. I found myself sympathizing, reflecting, and vowing to appreciate the blessings in my own life love after reading this book!

My Little One, is the story of thirty-four year old Emma Bronfman. Life should have been going pretty well. After all she is happily married to a prominent LA talent scout and is a respected teacher at a business school for low-income adults. But after trying to unsuccessfully have a baby for years and months of infertility treatments and hormone drugs, Emma finds her self-esteem and self-image plummet. Suddenly she is certain her husband is having an affair, her job seems to be stuck at a dead-end and her widowed father is marrying a "young fertile bimbo." The author helps you feel as if you were actually part of Emma's extended family. You care about what is happening. You can feel her pain, understand how and why she relates to others the way she does How will Emma make it through this very difficult point in her life?

My Little One is very easy to relate to. Everyone has some outspoken and blatant relative like Emma's Grandma Hannah. Her insight and commentary throughout the book keep it very fresh, funny, and real. People can also relate to the topic of infertility. It is becoming such a more conversational topic and talked about occurrence. I was glad how things weren't all neat and tidy to just have a happy ending. Instead the reader senses how Emma wants to make a positive change in her life and she finally realizes how she can go about doing that. My Little One is a quick-read, but is one that will stick with you long after reading. I would recommend it to any one of my friends; single, pregnant, or already parents.

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